Security Risk Management

iGuards helps clients assess the risks related to IT security. We typically use various frameworks (such as ISO, etc.) to help structure our audits/assessments.

In a pragmatic way, we determine maturity levels of various processes. We determine overall priorities for corrective action plans.

We give you benchmarking information, as well as guidance to gradually improve maturity levels.


Information Security Management

iGuards offers high quality co-sourcing solutions for handling your information security and privacy management.

Most clients have difficulties staffing CISO/DPO related functions. Hence, adequate security management is a clear issue.

iGuards offers clients innovative co-sourcing solutions, whereby we deliver a highly skilled profile on a full-time or part-time basis.

We provide you with the continued advisory capacity (both managerial and technical) on how to adequately organize and manage security.



All organizations are now working on their digital transformation. It is essential that additional focus is put in the digital channels. New initiatives and platforms arise under the form of mobile solutions and APPs.

It is essential that these new services are adequately secured. Hackings and security breaches are everyday news.

iGuards provides the following services in the Cyber domain:

  • IT Security Assessments (all layers)
  • Penetration testing (web/mobile APPs/network)
  • Incident Response / Hacking diagnostics
  • Malware reverse engineering
  • Forensic analysis

We work both on the offensive as on the defensive side.


Balanced Approach